All of our Scottish Craft Spirits are available to purchase, off-sale through Munro’s Bottleshop.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook for weekly deals.

Scottish Gins

We have over 70 gins from all over Scotland in stock. 

Our team can chat you through whats on offer and find the perfect bottle to suit your tastes. 

Why not try our Gin Flights to find out which bottle you’d like best?


Scottish rums

Scottish Rum in 2019 is one of the fastest growing spirit categories and is set to soon challenge the Gin market. 

We have some the best Scottish Rums and Rum Liqueurs on offer from some of the most well known and some of the smallest distilleries in production.

Scottish Vodkas

Our favourite small gin distilleries also make some fantastic small batch craft vodkas.

We only stock the best of the best; the handpicked botanicals, the homegrown wheat, the farm to bottle.

This Week's Highlights

Illicit new tom

This release from Illicit Spirits is a little tip of the hat to the Old Tom style of gin, sweeter and more like a Dutch Genever. This New Tom takes a modern take on a classic, distilled from pink peppercorns, rosehips and tonka beans, and sweetened added post distillation with bee pollen and Scottish honey.

The Teasmith

Scotland's first gin to use Sri Lankan tea as its main botanical. Light on the palate with a distinct, crisp freshness, The Teasmith is one of a kind. Best served long with a sprig of mint, copious ice and quality tonic, The Teasmith is the refreshing choice of a new generation of gin connoisseurs.

Isle of harris

We are now an Isle of Harris Gin Dispensary. 

Simply click here to visit the Isle of Harris website, purchase your bottle of their award winning gin, and collect it from us the very same day!

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